Why the "badcat"?

Because cats are awesome!
They are cute, strong, cuddly, idependetly and so much more. And we all know that the internet is made of cats!

How did I came to the "badcat"?

Many years ago when creating my frist "big" website projectThe badcat logo I wanted to find my self a logo. So my luck was that I got some nice logo creation software. There I found a cat clipart that I loved from the beginning.
But I didn't want it to be just another cuddly cat in the internet. So I made some changes based on the idea of the website. The website was about partys, events, disco and DJs. So the cat must be the cooles on in the dance floor.

The real "badcat"

The was also a real inspiration for the "badcat" in my life.
My sweet cat "Luna" I had years ago.
Even if my girlfriend and mother said she was a beast, I loved her and she loved me. And thats the point. I was her man and no other woman should come close to me. So she started to bully the other woman around me. She was so cute. I still believe she is now the collest cat in kitty heaven.
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